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Five Minutes To Midnight

The System

Five Minutes To Midnight is being run with the Strike! RPG system. You can read why I’ve picked it here. You can read about character generation here.

The Themes

It’s important for me to make a game I run feel coherent — I want everybody to be getting in on the same page about what the game is likely to be about.

You can read more about the important themes of the setting here.

The Setting

Five Minutes To Midnight takes place in the future in Enclave 9: a skyscraper the size of a city built in the ruins of futuristic Hong Kong.

Enclave 9 is a sealed community. Outside is a wasteland, ravaged by the horrific Khaki Plague. Inside, the corporations rule the upper floors, with waves of refugees huddled together in the Undercity below.


How did it all come to this?



The corridors of power, home of the corps.

The Overcity


Every one of your impulses has been considered and accounted for.

The Undercity


Home sweet home.

Haulage | Reclamation | Power | Fabrication | Hydroponics | Maintenance | Ventilation

The Intracity


Jack into the Net.

The Khaki Wastes


We don’t go outside.

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