To run 5m2m I’m going to use a tabletop RPG system called Strike!.

Strike! is a new system that’s recently completed its kickstarter. It was created with the design goal of replicating the tactical manouevring of D&D 4e combat while dropping all the number-crunching and making out-of-combat action just as fun.

Here are some reasons that I like Strike!:

  • The system supports narrative-driven action. Character design is freeform and flexible.
  • Failure has consequences. If you roll the dice, the result is never “nothing happens”. There is always a risk.
  • Combat is an optional module. You go into grid combat when you think it’ll be interesting, not just because the guns have come out. If you don’t like grid combat, you can resolve a fight with a skill roll instead.
  • The author understands that games should be fun. Strike! isn’t some self-important Serious Business RPG. The rulebook doesn’t just cover the rules: it talks a lot about how to be a good GM, how to be a good player, and how to ensure that the rest of the table are enjoying themselves too.
  • The author is awesome about inclusivity. In an age where much of the roleplaying community seems to be going out of its way to get its knickers in a twist over the possibility that women might be enjoying roleplaying, Strike’s author has written this about how he’s working hard to make the game feel welcoming to everyone, not just straight white men.


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