Lottie "Firebug" Blackwood

And now there's a little fire.



Background: Firebug

Combat Class: Blaster


  • Recreational Chemistry
  • Demolitions
  • Break and Enter
  • Sneak
  • Travel

Resource Skills:

  • (Making) Distil Moonshine
  • (Making) Cook Drugs


  • Wannabe Drug Baron
  • Pyromania


  • “And now there’s a little fire…” A firebug can always spend an action point to make a fire with what is to hand.


  • Prybar
  • Battered Laptop and a 3.5" disk with a copy of The Anarchist’s Cookbook.
  • A vintage Zippo lighter with “Fuck Communism” engraved in the side.


Rusty Joe: Ex-Security junkie

Saul: Handler from Steve

Atilla: A rival dealer from the Qings.


Lost: Two fingers, a bicep, and a chunk of face. If found, please return to Loretta Blackwood.

“Since I was no bigger than a weavil they’ve been saying i
Was evil
That if bad was a boot then I’d fit it
Well I’m a wicked young lady, but I’ve been trying hard
O fuck it! I’m a monster! I admit it!
It makes me so mad my blood really starts a-going
La la la la la la la lie
Mama always told me that we all gotta die

And the fire of ‘91 that razed the bella vista slum
There was the biggest shit-fight this country’s ever seen
Insurance companies ruined, land lords getting sued
All cause of a wee girl with a can of gasoline
Those flames really roared when the wind started blowing
La la la la la la la lie
Rich man, poor man, they all gotta die”

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Curse of Millhaven

Lottie "Firebug" Blackwood

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