Monte Blackwood

It's a boy!



Background: Midwife

Combat Class: Striker


  • Theraputic Speech
  • Human Anatomy
  • Nimble Fingers
  • Good Reputation
  • Meditation
  • Muscular

Resource Skills:

  • (Connections) Mothers


  • Call The Midwife!
  • Divorced


  • A Midwife can always spend an action point to calm down a panicking person.


  • Carpet Bag of Midwife Equipment
  • Medical Notebooks
  • Steel Toecap Boots
  • Staff


Calico Jess: His ex. One of the Calico clan.

Ferris, outcast child, neither one thing nor the other.

Levi, priest of the Chrome Lotus.


Monte is one of the older generations of the Blackwood family and it shows by the crows feet wrinkling his steely eyes. The rest of him appears rather fresh due to his clean and responsible living.
Monte is heartstrong about his concerns about a clean and clear headed living, he does not drink, smoke, take drugs or eat (very much at all at the moment). He has a dedicated physical work out routine where he keeps his body fit and his mind pure with deep meditation sessions where he relaxes, seeks inner wisdom and strength to attempt to control his carnal desires.
This is proving harder with the lack of food situation and he is becoming more aware of his weaknesses. Forgiveness is the way forward, to prevent frustration. He attempts to be as pure and straightforward as he can be, loves being honourable and true to his word. He holds a deep pride in his abilities and a love for his reputation. His work thrives on his name being a good one so that he can pass more easily through different districts to help others.

Monte is a deep thinker, he solves a lot of emotional turmoil by settling the score in his mind and justifying actions. However; he is not and has not always been, as strong as his resolve portrays him as.

Monte loves people, his work involves people. To redefine- Monte loves women, his work involves women. Monte is very easily won over by women, he will do what he can to make them like him. There is an ulterior motive- he ideally wants to get into bed with them. He’s not a pusher or an outrageous flirt, but he is a sucker for a pretty face. And the reason is relatively simple: he likes sex for sure, but pregnancy and population is his career. Without pregnant women he has no work and he likes to work.
Population means family, means strength of humanity, means more life and future work for him. He absolutely understands and knows that population booms will cripple them, with food and resources scarce, with homeless on the street… but that’s not a major concern for him. He doesn’t much care what happens to babies once they’re born as he only gets paid to bring them into the world and not see them grow up. Of course the more people who live the more there are to generate new work for him so he does have a general love for life. But because it brings him profit.

This has led to several problems, interesting, but problematic.
For Monte’s own issues, matters of the flesh make him feel weak. He prides himself on his ability to hold mind over matter, to think his way through even pain. He holds seminars on anti drug existence and guides women through labour without pain relief- or minimal use of it. And yet he can’t suppress his own libido to the point where it gets him into trouble,

He was once married to Calico Jess; perhaps marriage seemed like a good idea at the time. Perhaps it was her condition more than Monte’s, or maybe he convinced himself he could keep up to it. But he couldn’t. Monte deliberately cheated on Jess, took affairs with other women for the sole purpose of impregnating them and bringing more infants into the world. His scandal was exposed, the relations between the Blackwoods and Calicos became destroyed, for more than one reason but Monte definitely feels he Should have been in more control, that he let himself down, that he let Jess down, that it all went wrong. It should have been better, he preaches it better, but at the end of the day he failed his own ideals.

It’s a sore spot, he knows he did wrong. He feels bad to an extent but doesn’t regret the one night stands, he can’t regret them. He enjoys sex, he enjoys pregnancy. He feels guilty that he can’t regret it and yet accepts it all at the same time.
It’s embarrassing, but it’s who he is. He feels it’s done wrong by his family and put them in a worse position, he’s sorry for that. He didn’t mean to hurt them, that he does regret.

Monte Blackwood

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